Freshly Squeezed OpEd: Are We STILL Jaded?

OK, we’ve now had several weeks to digest the recent WWDC. And I can’t believe (honestly!) that I’m still reading blog posts of disappointed Mac users! Are we really that spoiled?

Apple just released what is most likely the most powerful PC ever yet and still there’s pissing-and-moaning that Apple came up short! Really?

‘Where’s the upgraded Mac Pro?’ ‘Where’s the ATV?’ ‘Where’s the iPhone5?’

At this clip, Windows/Android users have every reason to laugh at us. A sizable number of us have turned into petulant 5th graders. We’re like Veruca in ‘Willy Wonka’ – ‘DADDY! I WANT IT NOW!’

You think that the MBP-R wasn’t enough? Tell that to Don McAllister, host and producer of the wildly popular ‘ScreenCastOnline.’ He just rebuilt his entire production studio around his new MBP-R instead of his Mac Pro. Is he crazy? NO!

He produces two shows weekly, each encoded into four separate formats. Why leave the Mac Pro behind? Because his trials show that he can accomplish all of his encoding in roughly 30% less time than on his SSD equipped Mac Pro!

Now, does that mean the Mac Pro is dead? Of course not. TC has said that later next year it will come out. Why so long? I believe that they’re crafting something that we can’t even conceive of. Maybe it’ll be a completely different PC that not only does your daily computing but also runs your ATV. Perhaps, even automate your house.

Who knows? All I know is that with the track record of Apple’s team, I’m willing to make that leap of faith and give them all of the time they need to make sure it’s right.

If you don’t agree or have the patience, then switch to Windows or Android. Happy computing!

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