T-Minus 3 … 2 … [Launch Center Pro v1.0.2]

Product: LAUNCH CENTER PRO v1.0.2


Price: $2.99USD @ The App Store

Requirements: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S; iPhone Touch 3rd and 4th Generation; iPad with iOS5 or greater

Test Rig: iPhone 4S 32GB

Speed. I want speed. I want more speed. You want more speed. We all want more speed. But who has the money to upgrade their computer? So, we need to work on our workflow. But the average user doesn’t really know many keyboard shortcuts other then copy, paste, and quit. Power-users, of course,  know a bit more. But when it comes to using an iPhone, we’re all pretty much powerless.   Or are we …   “It’s like speed dial, but for more than just phone calls! Launch Center Pro creates lightning quick shortcuts to specific features buried deep within apps. Call a loved one, message a friend, launch Instagram’s camera to quickly snap a pic, tweet, or turn your iPhone into a flashlight. Launch Center Pro gets you to where you’re going faster than ever before!”   Well, that doesn’t address all of my needs, but it certainly would dramatically increase my workflow.


Appcubby likes to refer to LCP’s commands as “Actions.” These are not only because not only can you launch just your apps, but you can launch some of them into a certain state. You can launch SimpleNote to either create a new note or a new note with text. There are over a dozen functions that you can launch in Tweetbot alone!


Launch Center Pro works like a dream. I call my folks each week, so now there’s a button for that.   I text one of my friends regularly, so now there’s a button for that.

I like to go to Macsurfer.com and Macupdate.com several times daily. And of course, there’s now a button for those bookmarks. And you can pick from assorted icons for each of your actions.
I’ve populated my homepage with my favorite apps and put the Launch Center Pro on my dock, I can now pretty much get to anything that I regularly use without drilling through my folders. A HUMUNGOUS timesaver!

BONUS: “For power users, we hid a nice little feature to allow any iOS keyboard to be used with an Input Prompt. Just add a dash and any of the values below to the end of the word prompt in the URL (not case sensitive). Example: [prompt-twitter].

“Keyboard types: ASCIICapable, NumbersAndPunctuation, URL, NumberPad, PhonePad,EmailAddress, DecimalPad, Twitter, Alphabet.” Impressive.


The one drawback is that not all apps work with Launch Center Pro. However, their website list hundreds that are already compatible. But, Appcubby has a page on their website that list the literally hundreds of apps and actions that you can launch (many in Asian languages)!

If you should find an app or a website that is not listed, the developers request that you submit it to them so they can code it into the program. If the app has a valid IURL scheme/address, just refer them to http://appcubby.com/urls/. Now that’s customer service!.

My only request would be to be able to run AppleScripts. But now Im reaching for the moon.


This may upset some of you but this one’s another keeper. This is a must-have and it should be located in your dock at all times.

Strange … It speeds up my use of the iPhone so much that I’m not using my phone for as long a period of time as I’m used to. I almost feel like I’m neglecting my iPhone.

Bad owner.

RATING: 11 out of 10

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