Freshly Squeezed Op-Ed: iOutta Control

Nov 13, 2017 | OpEd | 0 comments

There I was happily sauntering along life’s path with an iPhone 6S, an old yet reliable iPad mini 2 and a 2012 MacBook Air. As my situation had changed, so had my workflow. Ergo, I didn’t require the same tools as I once did. I felt comfortable and secure.

But then Apple threw a curve. They started juicing up the specs on their products (particularly the mobile devices) by leaps and bounds. As I write software reviews, my equipment was soon tp become antiquated and I wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of what the OSs had to offer. More distressing, how would I be able to fully test new software from developers exploiting all the opportunities that these new OSs afforded?

The obvious answer was to update my kit. But money was tight, so I had to set priorities.

First, I purchased a 2015 refurbed 21” 4K iMac. That should keep me in good shape on the desktop front for several years.

But what of my mobile devices. I barely had enough stashed away to afford my Holy Grail – an 10.5” iPad Pro. And the holidays were creeping ever closer, as well.

But as the best laid plans oft go awry, so did mine. The finances went south. Now how am I to test all the new bells and whistles that iOS 11 brings to the iPad? And to add salt to the wound, a friend and I would joke as to who would buy a 10.5” first. OK, the iPad Pro would have to take a back seat.

That leaves the iPhone. I loved my trusty 6S but we were now shifting to 64 bit technology. (Yes, yes, I know that the iPad is 64 bit, as well. But I use my iPhone literally every 15 or so minutes.) I would have to settle for a new iPhone. But which model? Finances dictated that the 8+ would be my ceiling.

OK, things seem to be somewhat settled. I renewed the account with my carrier and purchased the 8+. But what occurred next threw me under the bus.


The worst part wasn’t being able to create Animoji Karaoke. No. The worst bit was listening to everyone gush over there new phones! Hey, I wanna slobber, too! But it wasn’t in the cards.

Now, everyday I’m tormented. When I go on Tweetbot, all my friends go on about their Xs. And as if to place a little lemon juice into the fresh cut, they complain about the very Animoji Karaokes that they retweet! Aaaaaargh!

So, tonight I finished my latest review and repaired to my local to find solace in a pint of porter. But as luck would have it, who is seated next to me but a couple – a couple who each had just purchased the new iPhone X!

It’s driving me around the bend. I’m feeling as isolated as Kevin McCarthy’s character in ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers.’ I’m frustrated. I’m simultaneously overcome with envy.

Yet I own an iPhone 8+ that cost me more money that tens of millions of people will even make in a year of work on this paltry orb and I’m whining. Gives me pause.

So, back to my initial ramble – what’s really important technologically? I’m torn. The 8+ is truly a powerful computer that fits in my pocket. It’s more powerful than my first desktop, an SE30. Yet, I feel I’m falling further behind with each passing second.

Perhaps it’s time to stop worrying about being on the bleeding edge. Then again, I could sell some organs on eBay …


©2017 Frank Petrie



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