Freshly Squeezed OpEd: Macca and ATV

Feb 10, 2012 | OpEd | 1 comment

Tonight was, for all intense, the birth of Apple as an entertainment company/content provider. So, let’s examine tonight’s show on both it’s technical and artistic aspects.
TECHNICAL MARKS. Joining the feed was a bit rough. I made several attempts to join the show through my ATV but kept receiving error messages every time I hit the PLAY button.
Eventually, I took the circumtuitous route. Launched the program on my MBP and sent it to my Samsung.
The first few minutes were spent with the video feed catching up to the audio feed. Otherwise, excellent audio, even through my Samsung’s speakers.
ARTISTIC MARKS. Found the performance to be better than the recording itself. It had a much better groove.
The choice of B&W had both technical and artistic considerations. Artistically, it takes you back to the period of most of the songs.
Technically, B&W requires less bandwidth. Still, I did have freezes throughout the bonus song. I think that this was due primarily to a lack of communication, as Macca kept asking, “Are we off the Net?”
The performances of Krall and her band, the lead of Joe Walsh (filling in for Eric Clapton), and the orchestrations were stellar. I wish that they would have released this  “live”  performance instead of the studio sessions.
All in all, a very nice beginning for the fledgling Apple Entertainment empire.

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  1. Robert Hancock

    I had no technical problems here in Tokyo (standard FTTH 1 Gbps optical fiber connection) watching on an ATV2.
    No buffering and nice HD video and excellent audio quality.
    On the artistic side, I don’t think Macca’s (who I like) vocal range was up to what most of those songs really needed, but that’s just a personal impression. I was more impressed with Lady Gaga (who I was not so keen on as a singer until now) and Tony Bennett’s recent rendition of the classic The Lady is a Tramp.
    Obviously, this type of programming is how Apple could help us cut the cable.


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