Freshly Squeezed OpEd: One Simple Resolution

Jan 4, 2013 | OpEd | 0 comments

With the start of another year on this paltry orb, people have made a plethora of resolutions: lose weight, eat less, read more, buy only Apple products, etc. I have one friend, in fact, Daniel East, who makes the same resolution yearly and that is to make no resolution whatsoever.
I have personally dispensed with making resolutions as they’re usually disposed of somewhere around the second week of February. But this year, I’m making an exception.
The next time somebody approaches me and asks what I think of the possibility of a 55″ Apple TV, they will personally win a date with the YMP Now “Did I Really Think This Through Award.” The award consists of a rotting 2×4 with a bent rusty nail. The way this works: you posit the question and then I slap you silly up side of the head with the board.
I’m looking at you Muenster and LeBron from New Zealand.
Take a deep breath and think for a minute what it is that you’re exactly proposing. Apple, Inc., which now produces smartphones “several sheets of paper thick,” is going to produce an HDTV that is bigger than what most consumers already own. And when it breaks, you are either going to have to cart it in yourself or deal with Apple’s equivalent of the Geek Squad!
The future is content. Even the boobs at Comcast realized that, then went and purchased Universal/NBC! If those Mensa candidates can figure that out, my guess is that Apple is a few steps ahead of them.
But I could be wrong. Apple could pull the carpet out from under us once again. And I make you this promise – if I’m wrong, I will allow anyone to purchase for me one of said TVs and I promise to use it regularly. Honest.


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