Freshly Squeezed OpEd: I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore

Jan 30, 2013 | OpEd | 1 comment

Okay, it’s started simply enough. Apple has lost it’s “cool” factor. Then it was Apple is no longer innovative. Then the analysts started piling on (my friend reminds me that you can’t spell analyst without ‘anal’). But now this takes the cake.
This is an actual headline that I found on Zite this morning:

This is how Planet of the Apes starts: Orangutans getting iPads

This begs the question who is slinging the feces now?
Okay. I get it. The Great American pastime. Set up a corporation, build it up in the public’s mind, and knock it down. We did it with both IBM and Microsoft. And since Apple is now the 800 pound gorilla in the room, it’s our turn. I’ve got it.

But when analysts start pronouncing the new BlackBerry Z10 as “innovative,” that’s where I draw the line. It’s simply an iPhone 5 knock off with a keyboard. Period. BB Users will probably pick it up but they’re like Apple fanboys. They’re staying with their favorite  product.
But as far as innovative, are you kidding me? And while I’m on the subject of innovation, just how many times a week does Apple have to invent a new wheel? I mean seriously?

Has our attention span grown so short that we have to have something shiny and new dangled in front of our face every so many days?
Have we all lost touch with reality? Have we all turned into Steve Ballmer?

Here’s the skinny folks (and this coming from a doughy guy). Innovation only occurs every so many years, sometimes decades. What does occur regularly is evolution. Let me repeat that: evolution.

And now were confusing a change of features as innovation. Case in point: the Samsung II. In this world, we regularly Skype people on the other side of this paltry orb. We don’t have to be near each other. Yet, we’re now celebrating that we can exchange files on the Samsung II if two people are in the same space and can touch phones? Really?

We’ve become spoiled little children with the attention span of a cinderblock! Heck, I’m willing to bet that you can’t even use 10% of the power of the phone that you have in your hand right this minute!

So, wake up dear friends. Learn to use what you already own!  Start shopping for stuff that actually does what you need it to do and not the flavor of the month.


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  1. ViewRoyal

    Too often we read comments from people who say that Apple is DOOMED because it hasn’t introduced a disruptive new technological product every month.
    Guess what? Apple never has created new product categories each quarter. The time between each has been years!
    Original Mac (1984) to Original iMac (1998) = 14 years
    Original iMac (1998) to Original iPod (2001) = 3 years
    First iPod (2001) to First iPhone (2007) = 6 years
    First iPhone (2007) to First iPad (2010) = 3 years
    There has been an average of more than 6 years between each disruptive new product that Apple has introduced!
    We are now only 3 years since the iPad was introduced, so let’s not hear any more whining for at least another 3 years. 😉


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