Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Bonkers for Bonk


Do you have those days were there is so much to be accomplished that you feel overwhelmed? Of course, you do. And you inevitably reach the point that your cranium is so overcrowded that you just have to shut down all mental exertion, no matter how menial.

Many people turn to gaming to clear their heads. But me, I’m not a gamer. I prefer things that are mindless and just tickle my brain without me applying any thought if at all possible.

The other night I was watching the ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon®’ and they demoed an application that they had developed which was so mindlessly entertaining that I had to have it.


“Run your photos through Bonk to cycle through its facial morphing filters and sound effects at random to transform a standard image into an animated frenzy. Easily share your personalized Bonk video with friends, family and even strangers.”

Apparently, The Tonight Show staff has an inordinate amount of time to kill on their hands.

It takes your standard, mundane selfies and turns them into a maniacal, short animation which will clear your head out in nanoseconds (thank goodness I’m easily amused.)

And it only requires two steps.

1.Either take a selfie or grab an existing picture from your Photos library.


2. Now press the Bonk button and let the app do its thing.


After you’ve watched the horror that is your mutilated selfie, hit the Bonk button again and create another animation using the same picture. Or use a different picture and see what results turn up.


Feel the urge to share the results with your friends, family, or postal carrier. Then hit the Share button and have at it.

Is it sophomoric? You bet. Will you play with it for an hour or two? You bet.

Now, will you burn out after using it for a while. Sure. But while you do use it, some funny and frightening images will be brought up. I’ve thought of grabbing one or two stills from the animations and creating new avatars.

But that’s just me.

You can grab Bonk for free on their website.

Now you can either thank me, curse me out, or wonder what prompted you to read this review at all.

©2016 Frank Petrie

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