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Aug 24, 2018 | Reviews | 0 comments

Macpaw, the creators of Clean My Mac 3, Gemini 2, and the architects of [Setapp have created an iOS only app to deal with pruning your Photos library, Gemini Photos.

Remember the 20 photos you took to get one perfect shot? They are sitting on your iPhone and gobbling up storage. With Gemini Photos, you can keep the photos you actually want and clear those you don’t — without the drag of removing them manually. 


Photos works in several ways. Foremost, Gemini Photos focuses on quality snaps by suggesting to you what it believes to be the best photos.

…those you seem to prefer (like edited and favorited), those with faces in them, portraits with smiles and open eyes, photos in good focus

It will help you sort your library and remove your unwanted photos with ease. 

First, the app scans your library and sorts your photos into three groups: Similar, Clutter, and Other.  Similar and Other are broken down into four subgroups: Similar, Screenshots, Notes, and Blurred.

The simplest method of dealing with a select photo, is to swipe up if you want to keep it,  swipe down if you want to toss it. Or you can click the box on the photo’s lower right, designating it for the bin.

If you’re feeling really draconian and want to regain space on your iOS device’s hard drive, you can always delete your photo library with a single click.

If your sadistic, you can manually go through your entire library, click the boxes on the photos you’d like to jettison, and simply hit delete.

The function of Gemini Photos is to aid you in choosing which photos to keep by making suggestions.  Say that you have a bunch of similar photos, it will suggest what it believes to be the best of the lot. If you agree, it has already marked that photo for saving and the rest for deletion at the click of a button.

If you don’t agree with the app’s selection, you can choose the one you wish to keep by tapping the box to undelete the photo you fancy and tapping the box of the one that you prefer deleted.

The only problem that I did find with the app’s choices was regarding blurred photos. It tended to see animal fur and clouds as blurry objects. But all I had to do is ignore its recommendations and leave them in place.

And that is the main beauty of how this app functions.  It scans your library for offenders quickly but you still have the final say.


If you think Gemini Photos useful, you can then choose from the somewhat limited free model or several subscription/payment models via in app purchases:

  • Monthly Subscription – $2.99 per month – gives you unlimited access to removing Similar Photos.
  • Annual Subscription – $11.99 per year – gives you unlimited access to removing Similar Photos.
  • One Time Purchase – $14.99 offers you unlimited access to removing Similar Photos. 

I don’t take a lot of snaps. Never events and such. I usually shoot things that I find interesting to look at. Things that tickle your eyes or tickle your brain. So, this made culling through my collection much easier.

If you have a multitude of photos and you want to keep your collection from growing out of control, then take a test drive.

©2018 Frank Petrie


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