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There’s a very good chance that everything that you accomplish today will be when you’re mobile. Wherever you are, that’s your office. 

Sometimes you’ll need to simply sign or initial papers to sign off on a project to move it forward. But that involves returning to your proper office, waiting to receive the documents via post or email, and then sending them back to set things in motion.

It would be so much more efficient if you could expedite the whole process electronically. And that’s where KeepSolid Sign comes in.

We offer a top-notch e-signature solution that will allow you to fill and sign documents smoothly and swiftly, and help improve negotiation and decision-making processes, as well as profits.

With KeepSolid Sign, you are able to complete the signing process in minutes. Simply import documents to the app, synchronize them across all your devices, and collaborate with your partners or colleagues. We use a high-level encryption to make your sensitive data inaccessible to any unauthorized parties.

KeepSolid Sign is platform agnostic with native apps for macOS,  iOS, Windows, and Android. This review is using the macOS version. Use of the iOS version is slightly different but the basics remain the same.

Use is quite simple. First, set up KSS. Open the app and click on signatures. Create your signature and initials either electronically or by taking a photo of them. Next list your contacts, then have them download and install copies of the app. 

Preferences are basic. General consists primarily of customizing your locking preferences. There’s My Team (a list of your contacts), Account (your profile), and Cloud Storage where you can log in to any of your cloud services. You can import documents from these cloud-based services or the Finder.

The layout is self explanatory. On the left side of the pane is a sidebar, containing links to Documents, Templates, Archives, Contacts, and your signature/initials. 

Documents is broken up into three categories: Waiting for me, All Documents, and Waiting for others. You are able to create folders within each subsection for granular organization. Along the Title Bar you can send feedback directly to KSS and sync your files/folders with a single click.


Unfortunately, at the current stage KeepSolid Sign does not support digital certificates and digital signatures. But we utilize a high-grade AES-256 encryption to ensure the highest security of your workflow.

Now you’re ready to begin. Drag a .pdf onto the open pane and your app transforms. The Title Bar is now populated with Preview, Annotate, Undo/Redo Pages, Size (i.e., 0%-?%), Info, Print, and Send. In the pane you have the choice of Signature, Initials, Text, Date, and Checkmarks. Click on any of these and a box will appear on the document. Simply fill it in with the relevant information and position it where you would like. (Another note: One downside. At this time, KSS is limited to working with .pdf files only. They are working to extend its usage to other formats. Then again, this can easily be worked around by saving your document as a .pdf.)

Once you have dragged in your document, a right sidebar will appear and ask you to select your chosen signers and inform them once you click assign.

Click on Info and the right side sidebar transforms. Now you can add the document title and a message to the recipient. Author is automatically filled in with your name and email address. Document Status is listed and you can add who is required to sign or initial.

KSS will sync all of your documents across all of your devices, so long as you are logged in with the same credentials on all devices, and you will be able to work with the latest versions of your documents on any platform or device.

If you have an issue or question, contact them by clicking Support which sends a form to their zendesk, or you can visit their FAQ page.

If you only need to occasionally sign or initialize documents several times a year, then you’re probably not their demographic. But if you perform many transactions online as an entrepreneur running a business from home, then this could be quite useful. There are a plethora of occupations of many sizes that can benefit from such an app. As a result, KeepSolid Sign comes in several tiers.

– Personal/1 user – $9.99 per month

– Small Team/5 users – $34.99 per month

– Big Team/10 users – $64.99 per month

– Enterprise/? Users – Contact KeepSolid Sign

If you expect to be a heavy user, you can pay annually and save up to 25%, a substantial savings over the monthly installments.

If you’d like to give it a spin, there is a 14 day demo for both macOS and iOS (requires iOS 10 or higher; demo version available  at the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad).


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