Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Clean My Mac X Adds Yet Another Feature

Apr 11, 2019 | Reviews | 0 comments

MacPaw, makers of Clean My Mac X, has added another feature to their comprehensive maintenance app: Space Lens.

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The all-new Space Lens module by CleanMyMac X quickly builds a detailed storage map, which is fascinating to explore and easy to clean.

Space Lens researches every folder on a drive to lay bare all of its items and represent them as bubbles of various size. To discover the most distant corners of a Mac, a user chooses a drive to be explored (it can be an external one too) and clicks Scan.

Space Lens is simple to use. Select the HD that you want to inspect. Space Lens quickly scans the drives contents, then presents you with a list of folders and files. Next to that, there is large bubble populated with smaller bubbles inside. Each bubble represents a folder. The larger the bubble, the more data that resides within that folder.


To dig deeper into your chosen bubble/folder, click on ‘Review Selected’ in the lower righthand corner. Now you’re presented with all the files and folders within. Click the adjacent circle to the files and folders you wish to delete. When you have finished making your selections, click ‘Remove’.


Afraid that you may inadvertently remove important system files? MacPaw has your back.

CleanMyMac X doesn’t remove system files for the safety of a Mac. That’s why we disabled some essential items, and the user can’t select them for removal.

Space Lens will be added to your Setapp version of CCMX the same day the upgraded store version has been released.

Clean My Mac X is available in thirteen languages and can be purchased at the MacPaw Store or is already part of your Setapp subscription. A one-time purchase single user license for is US $89.95, while a subscription license for one Mac is US $34.95.

Now what to do with all that new found space?
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