Freshly Squeezed Distractions #2

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Talked about everything possible you could with your loved ones? Burned out playing Words With Friends for endless days? Here’s a few things to occupy your time: podcasts to stream and  knowledgeable reviews that you should read.

(Please send me any recommendations of podcasts or reviews that you listen to or read. I’ll do a follow up article and list them.)

Get your geek on:

MacOSKen/In a Few Minutes

Extra! Extra! Ken Ray podcasts the day’s leading Mac-based news delivered in his singular style. His second show is a short, weeklong chinwag with a guest on anything from technology to what’s worth binge watching. Extremely informal and very entertaining (plus immediately addictive).


(DISCLAIMER: I write reviews for Don McAllister and hope one day he will adopt me.) You have a choice of two formats. I recommend both.

Foremost, there’s the online software tutorials. Don started these nearly 15 years ago. They’ve evolved into a short tips tutorial every Tuesday and a full-length tutorial every Friday. There’s also an extensive archive of hundreds of tutorials on apps you never even heard of. Need to learn more about an app? Here you  go. 

And if that’s not enough, there’s ScreenCastsONLINE magazine, published on the first of each month. Replete with the previous month’s tutorials plus articles and reviews.


This is but one of the ubiquitous Allison Sheridan’s productions. She can also be found all over the web on podcasts far and wide. One of the most entertaining aspects of the podcast is that you can watch her assemble it live on Sunday evenings, accompanied by her husband/punching bag Steven. And you can join in the fun in the chat room with the Nosilla Castaways (a splendid time is guaranteed for all). 


The male Allison Sheridan, Chuck Joiner has been a fixture in the podcast universe for over a dozen years. Specializing in interviews with guests and topics that range from software, hardware, to opinion pieces, Chuck produces a staggering amount of episodes. I still have one from 2017 that I’ve yet to watch!

Jeff Gamet (Text Expander)

Jeff is the organ for Smile’s Text Expander. He is imminently approachable. He appears on many podcasts and also produces the occasional webinar on using Text Expander if you’re a beginner or should you want to trick-it-out. Well worth attending. You can also follow Jeff on Twitter (@jgamet).

David Sparks (a/k/a MacSparky)

David has several podcasts with several co-hosts. Make your choice, or better yet, choices: 

 * Automators with Rose Orchard – learn everything about automating your daily existence

* Free Agents with Mike Schmitz – being an independent worker in the 21st century

* Mac Power Users – you know you want to be one

David also has a multitude of Field Guides on valuable apps available through his website.

InTouch with iOS

Hosted by Dave Ginsburg and Co-host Warren Sklar talk about iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and related technologies, tips, apps, and gear, plus they are joined by different guests from the Apple Community.

Mac To The Future

Guy Serle presents a live Facebook stream every Wednesday night. With Co-hosts David Ginsburg and Warren Sklar, they chew on the Apple news of the week in a somewhat comical mood.

 Mac Geek Gab

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun from The Mac Observer answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, that is easily accessible to the average listener. Well worth a listen.

The British Tech Network

Ewan Rankin has created a podcasting empire that is astounding in its breadth. Drawing from a plethora of personalities, there’s The Mac Show, The Big Show, The Photo Show, and on and on. Like everything I’ve posted in this article, informative and highly entertaining.

My Mac

Guy Serle and Gary Malpas (Gazmaz) keep one of the longest running podcasts moving forward. Having started in 2004 by Tim Robertson, publisher of, the show has had a rotating door of hosts over the years. Absorb more content and information about Apple in a way only Guy and Gazmaz can present it.

Rosemary Orchard

Perhaps even more ubiquitous than Allison Sheridan, Rosemary is a double threat like Mike Schmitz – both a podcaster and author. Her knowledge is fathomless and her style of delivery will remove any fear you have of tackling your subject.

And now:

Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone

A longtime standup comic, Paula has dove into podcasting head first. Along with Adam Felber and a house band consisting of a solo musician each episode (playing anything from the french horn to ukulele or what-have-you) Paula has a number of rotating segments that are hilarious. All of this recorded in the confines of a small studio off of a Hollywood back alley. Priceless. (And don’t forget to buy her tri-blend t-shirt!)

The Johnny Carson Show on Apple Podcasts

There are several Carson podcasts available but I find this one the best of the bunch. Hosted by comedian Will Shriner, they present classic moments and guests. The material or guest(s) dictates the length of this audio podcast. It could run 12 minutes or 50 minutes. Classic guests from Orson Welles to Dean Martin and fascinating performances such as Jerry Seinfeld’s first appearance on The Tonight Show. No one has or ever will top Carson in late night.

Hopefully, this kicks of your search of the net for some uniquely informative and entertaining distractions.

Of course, I’m sure everybody has their favorites for binge watching, be it shows both new and revisited (check out “The Prisoner” on Amazon Prime). Don’t forget the sites like CuriosityStream and TED where you might actually learn something during all this.

This has been The Mac Pimp hoping you’re being safe, smart, and feeling well.


©2020 Frank Petrie


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