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Mar 17, 2020 | Reviews | 0 comments

OK, we all know what situation we’re stuck in. I thought that if I come across something to brighten your day, I’ll post it here.

I came across an app while speaking to someone during Sunday night’s NosillaCast live weekly gathering at 5p PT. (Check it out. Great informative podcast hosted by the ever-lovely Allison Sheridan and a great, engaging, and entertaining community.)

Someone brought up this iOS app that is free (there are in app purchases if you wish to) that will clear out your head as soon as you touch it. It’s called Fluid Simulation.

Very simple, very entertaining, and will most assuredly remove any anxiety or boredom that may set in. It’s as easy as it is addictive. Plus it’s perfect for all ages.

All you do is place your finger on the black screen and drag it in any direction or pattern. Behind it you’ll find a collection of swirling curls in stunning colors.

I first used it on my iPhone 8 Plus and was mesmerized. Then I threw it on my 10.5” iPad Pro with its wide color gamut and its 120 Hz refresh rate. OH MY!

Kick back, play your favorite recordings and bask in all the colors. Good thing this wasn’t about when I was playing with chemicals in high school.

So, that’s what I’ve stumbled across so far. As I stumble across more things to lose yourself in, I’ll post them.

And if you know of something that you think YMP Now readers would be interested in, drop me an email and I’ll gladly share.

Remember to be kind and helpful to everyone. Even after all this is over with.
©2020 Frank Petrie


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