Freshly Squeezed OpEd: On WWDC: Wither AppleTV Developers?

Jun 7, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

In the last few weeks leading up to this years WWDC, there has been the usual tsunami of predictions.

“Will there be hardware refreshes?”
“No. It’s a developer’s conference.”
“Will they announce a new Mac Pro with Thunderbolt?”
“There’s always a possibility.”
“Will they roll out a peek at the new iOS?”
“We’ll, it is a developer’s conference.”
“Will there be an iWatch prototype displayed?”
What honestly has surprised me is that there’s been no mention of the Jackalope of tech, the grail of geeks … the AppleTV.
And I don’t mean as a physical  product. I truly don’t foresee anytime in the future where consumers are lugging 55″ displays in and out of their local Apple Stores.
No, this is a perfect opportunity for Apple to zig while everyone else is tripping over each other zagging
What I’m referring to is a different game-changer. An AppleTV SDK.
Everybody wants new innovation from Apple. I can’t think of anything that they could unveil this coming week that would be more out of left field
iRadio. Just another competitor (or so we believe).
iWatch. Possibly over-reaching technology. Like wearables. I don’t want tech all over me like mosquitoes at a barbeque.
But an AppleTV SDK would allow developers to develop programs unlike those seen on Xbox 360 or Wii.
I’m not talking of gaming apps. I’m writing about production apps.
Personally, I would love to see FCPX ported to AppleTV. To have all of that real estate. Plus, when I go full screen, I would be viewing it on the very device that my demographic would be viewing it on!
You could retool Keynote and Numbers to be used on larger sets and projectors, increasing dpi for a much better picture. This would be excellent in the business space.
It would be incredible in the education arena. Think of being able to view the human muscular structure in astounding detail. Or DNA strands. And you could treat the models as they do in iBooks. 360ᴼ models of anything imaginable that could be displayed on large screens.
And, naturally, there will be developers who can se possibilities that we can’t even imagine.
Will I be happy if the other items debut? Of course.
But I’m telling you, if Apple wanted to give everyone a kick to the head …


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