Freshly Squeezed OpEd: Breathe Deep

Jun 19, 2013 | OpEd | 1 comment

I finally got around to watching the WWDC keynote in its entirety this past weekend. I was braced for the worst from the tweets I read and headings that I saw on MacSurfer.

Imagine my surprise that when the keynote was finished I was elated! Tim Cook was at ease and delivered a polished delivery. In fact, all the presenters seem stoked. And it didn’t seem a knee-jerk reaction to all the Samsung ads, the naysayers or the idiotic analysts. They really seemed excited.
And what they had to display was great! Future ways to use iOS other than a straight-forward operating system, upgraded MacBooks, the incredible Mac Pro plus iOS 7 and OS X 10.9. But while the reception from the audience was enthusiastic, out of the corners of the internet came the whiners.

Some of it was good natured fun. I’m thinking of all the pictures that had the Mac Pro serving as everything from a tissue dispenser to a dumpling steamer (actually, I wish that it could do that … I would never leave my desk).
But the strangest reaction was to the look of iOS 7. Reaction ranged from elated with some of the features (most notably Notifications) to outright disappointment. Strange.
It’s particularly strange when the overwhelming reaction seems to be about iOS’s new 2D look. Everybody needs to step back and take a deep breath.

What really seems funny to me is this feeling of deja vu. This reminds me of the initial reaction that Mac users had when they first saw the beta of the new, 3D MacOS X. And it’s understandable. We had spent years watching Apple hone the 2D GUI by OS 9. A 3D operating system was a strange departure. It reminds me of the the Halloween episode of The Simpsons where Homer passes into the realm of 3D animation and is totally disoriented.

And honestly, some of the features are “borrowed” from Android. From a business standpoint, that could keep some current iPhone users from defecting. And if it’s eye-candy you crave, there’s always the parallax background and the animated backgrounds (hasn’t the Weather Channel app had that from its inception?).

So, un-bunch your knickers and relax. What you saw was a beta. Jim Dalrymple published a great article on The Loop driving that point home. Apple is giving the developers a road map so that they can start retooling their apps. Apple is still soliciting feedback from those very developers and, according to recent articles, impressions from Apple employee’s family members.

So remember. What you saw at WWDC’s keynote was basically a well polished draft. By the time it reaches our grubby little fingers, it’s most likely a safe bet that we’ll be pleasantly surprised.
©2013 Frank Petrie

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  1. ympnow

    Check ut the article on MacSurfer from Fortune explaining Wall Streets logic on the devaluation of Apple’s stock due to poor Samsung S4 sales.


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