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Apr 20, 2017 | Reviews | 0 comments

icon_512x5122xApproximately six months ago. Setapp invited me to privately beta test their proposed subscription service. After roughly a month, they then released a public beta, hoping to solicit as much feedback as possible to further improve the user experience. You responded and today Setapp is releasing a major UI upgrade.

“In response to the top requested feature by current customers, Setapp offers handy and quick access to the collection of all the apps in a single window by introducing an in-built App Discovery tool. The improvement aims to make app exploring in Setapp way easier, faster and better. “

I had hoped for such a feature after my initial testing. Now, instead of being presented with a separate window for each app you want to check out, from a single pane you are able to click any one of ten categories in the sidebar and be presented with a list of all applicable apps. Click on any one of them and a brief description is presented on the right half of the pane.

App Discovery with an app preview

Just below the list of categories is the heading “On My Mac.“ Click on this heading to see what apps you have already installed on your computer.

If you would prefer to stay with the original set up, you can still type the category’s or app’s name (should you know it) in the MenuBar icon. Or two finger click your trackpad on the app you wish to learn more about, select ‘Quick Look,’ and a window will pop up with all of the relevant details for your chosen app.

And as before, you have the option of viewing the list of apps by clicking on the Setapp icon in your Finder’s sidebar.

This new UI makes looking for what you desire much, much faster and extremely easy. And apparently that appeals to many of you as Setapp now has 73 apps from 65 vendors.

As Setapp keeps growing, I find i to becoming ever more valuable. I look forward to what the future holds as it looks like they have hit upon a winner.

Give it a try.

©2017 Frank Petrie


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