Freshly Squeezed Distractions #3

Apr 22, 2020 | OpEd | 3 comments

Since the pandemic lockdown started nine years ago, or so it would seem, I have been doing a lot of consuming of media. I imagine that goes for most people. Binge watching + binge eating.

But the further we go into this I’m finding that consuming is wearing thin. There’s so much material out there that you will never reach the bottom of the rabbit hole.

I’ve been watching several friends and they have the right idea. Their balance? Do some consuming but do a ton more creating and living.

Doesn’t mean writing, painting or what have you. You could read a book to learn something or just to get you thinking. Learn that piece of software or hardware that you haven’t spent enough time with. Exercise. I can’t emphasize exercising enough, both physically and particularly mentally (meditating/mindfulness is indispensable).

As an example, I have health issues. I’m stuck in a wheelchair and have other issues. But if I exercise, I can improve my physical and mental condition a bit. That requires thinking outside the box. to get in my aerobics I take a pillow and throw it against the wall, replacing the medicine ball.

This is the one part that ties in with electronics. I just purchased an Apple Watch to help monitor my health. So now I will dive-in deep and learn my health app on my iPhone in and out and become a ninja at the Health app’s features on the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

I’m going to watch all the tutorials I’ve bought and never studied. Get into re-learning FCPX and genuinely get into tutorials on Shortcuts. I purchased some of this stuff years ago but became a master only at the art of procrastination. Time to master something else.

However, you can make it work for you, do it! For me, I lay everything out the night before on my calendar app. My exercising I have blocked out daily at the same time. The same with reading. Whatever works for you, do it now.

The benefits are two-fold. First, I become better educated. Second, I become healthier. Combined, it makes me a better person.

This is a short article and not geared towards my usual tech focus but I had to write it down. I wish you all safety and health, and I’ll be back with a review in two weeks.


©2020 Frank Petrie



  1. David

    You are so right, Frank. Constant consumption is a one-way street and if we never get off it we’ll never get back home. Great stuff.

    • YMP Admin Account

      Am I taking long enough to reply? I was waiting till it was safe to type again…

  2. Frank

    Thx.I don’t understand what you mean by “the supply”.


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