Freshly Squeezed OpEd: Every Month Is An Apple Xmas

Sep 24, 2020 | OpEd | 0 comments

With the world giving us a new sucker punch seemingly every day, from time to time you find nuggets of joy in the situation.

For example: binge watching. Steve, how many times have you watched Andy Griffith now? I found a company in the Netherlands who performed an incredible restoration of the entire Monty Python series. They played the end result for Terry Gilliam and he said that the episodes never looked that good when they were originally released!

Even with a film degree, I rarely watch movies. I get too analytical. But films that I have put off for years, I’m finally watching. And friends are pushing me to watch films that I either never heard of or simply passed me by. Some real gems out there.

I’m trying to get to pruning my apps on all my devices. So far, I’ve only cancelled several TV subscriptions but you have to start somewhere.

But by far, even though I complain about them A LOT, I’m enjoying Apple’s extended Xmas.

First, there was the September event. No new iPhones but some new Watches to be left under the tree to whet our appetite.

Today, Apple confirmed an October event. Presumably, the iPhone 12 will now make its grand entrance. And it looks like possibly as if AirTags and, with any luck, the AirPod Studio will debut. If the renderings are accurate, I’m sold on the Studio’s style alone. Unfortunately, they’ll want dosh in return presumably.

Now, we hold our baited breath for hopefully a November event where the Apple ARM laptops (and perhaps a desktop but I doubt it) will make their bow. More toys to gush over that I can’t hope to purchase. But all snug in my bed every night dreaming my electronic dreams can keep me warm.

That leaves us with December, the actual month we celebrate Xmas. This is when we hope that someone gifts us some (if not all) the lovely bonsmoits that were dangled in front of us over the previous three months.

Well… I can dream, can’t I?


©2020 Frank Petrie


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