Freshly Squeezed OpEd: Pick Some Suffixes and Be Done With It

Oct 25, 2020 | OpEd | 0 comments

iPad mini. iPad. iPad Air. iPadPro.

iPhone SE. iPhone Mini. iPhone. iPhone Pro. iPhone Pro Max.

Whatever happened to Steve’s concept of simplicity when he returned. Keep the product line focused.

As an analogy, think of Bob Irvine of Food Network. One of the first things he does when he rescues a restaurant is to simplify the menu. Don’t make a ton of products, make a specific number of exceptional products.

The genesis of this thought is the iPad Air 4. It’s basically the same size as the iPadPro 11”. It’s a beast. Granted, it’s has a couple of features subtracted but the majority stayed in. Less graphic cores, yes. But it’s meant for those who don’t make their living editing but edit or enjoy doing some photo work, all the same.

I’ve watched enough YouTube videos from video editors hemming and hawing over the screen size for editing. Make up their minds for them. The 12.9” is your “Pro” editing, desktop driver.

The Air is your portable driver. I know I’m one of thousands agonizing whether or not to purchase an Air 4 (2020) or try to locate an iPadPro 11” (2018). I don’t make a living editing but I enjoy editing and dabbling in photography.

If you’re primarily a student consuming or writing, get an iPad. You can write, diagram, multi-task, take pics of important papers, etc. You’ll likely want for nothing. Or if you’re a casual user this will suit you fine.

And finally, for reading or playing, for your grand folks, or kids starting down the path, iPad Mini.


And honestly, the majority of owners are never going to use their chosen device to its full potential.

Follow the same logic for the iPhone. Different sizes would be ideal. But be practical. The name designates the size and muscle. That time spent agonizing would be better spent enjoying your device. You know what your needs are. So you buy the appropriate device.

If you want to be geeky, that’s your option. But remember you’re the minority at this party. Most people merely need to address their needs.

Yes, choice is good. But creating and enjoyment is better.

©2020 Frank Petrie


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