Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Mezmoglobe Keeps On Spinnin’

Jan 5, 2022 | Reviews | 0 comments

A little over one year ago, I wrote a review about my collection of items that help me retain some amount of sanity as I navigate my daily workflow.

I’ve tried the Palmedero Method (25 minutes work, 5 minutes chill) but I couldn’t get it to achieve its objective within my framework.

Whenever I’m writing reviews, op-eds, scripts, or composing music, once I’m in the zone, during the five minutes when I’m supposed to be relaxing, I find myself reviewing what I’ve accomplished thus far and thinking about my next moves all while relaxation time ticks away.

I had to find another way. One of the items I stumbled upon was the Mezmoglobe, a globe with a spiral design on top creating an optical illusion of a continuous flow. I thought this looked promising.


Turns out the Mezmoglobe completely cleared my head of the project at hand as I was so fascinated by what it was doing and speculating on things such as when is it going to stop spinning.

I received an email recently from Mezmoglobe’s creators of some new kinetic desk toys they produced –the Mezmocoin, and the Phantom. As I was perusing the new products, I found that they upped the Mezmoglobe’s performance a notch.

Turns out it benefitted from new ideas they hit upon while working on their new products. They found they could go make the new devices spin a lot longer by rethinking their construction. They decided to apply their new findings to the Mezmoglobe.

I don’t have exact numbers as to how much longer it continues spinning but I would swear it spins at least two times as long. I keep expecting it to stop, yet it goes on and on. And you can’t look away.

I’ve also hooked up to their accompanying QR code which tells you how to make it spin longer yet by doing something to the internal bearings.

Lots of my cohorts swear by the Pomedero Method. But if it doesn’t work for you, give the Mezmoglobe a spin (unforgivable pun intended). And I can’t express enough how fascinating I find another of their kinetic toys, the Mezmocoin.


Have you ever spun a penny to see how long it would keep oscillating until it came to a rest. The Mezmocoin oscillates seemingly forever. They have clocked it at going over 12 minutes on a single spin! It also has the same spiral carved into it to hook you that much more.

Also check out the Mezmo Top and Mezmocoin Phantom.

Mezmocoin Phantom and Mezmo Top

The toys are reasonably priced and come in different finishes. You can purchase them at their online store.

I highly encourage you to visit their site and see if you find them as compelling (and relaxing) as I do.

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