Freshly Squeezed: Where Have I Been?

Oct 17, 2022 | Home, Moi | 2 comments

So. Where have I been and what have I been doing.

So far, I’ve spent four months in several medical facilities. Secondly, I had been dealing with new Apple equipment and new OSs before the physical maladies set in.

I apologize for not always putting out rehashed content. But for those of you have followed me, I can’t treat you like that.

As I recover, I’m hoping to put up at least one review a month or, if something really ticks me off, an Op-Ed (or impresses me).

I have a ton of review products waiting in the apartment. So that’s covered.

But I do have a bit of physical work to do to regain some of my health. That’s probably going to cut down on the frequency of my posts. Not that I was ever proliferous.

I’ll return you now to your program which is already in progress.


© 2022 Frank Petrie



    Last night I was wondering why I haven’t seen you around. Today I started to look. Get well soon. I miss your appearances.

    • Frank

      Yea it’s been a ride. Nice to know someone is following me. How b u.


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