Freshly Squeezed OpEd: Doom Lurks Around The Corner, As Required

Oct 31, 2022 | OpEd | 0 comments

One thing that the majority of Apple devotees have in common is paranoia. We embrace rumors tightly to our technology loving bosoms with a death grip. And this time is no different at all.

Apple has raised prices on some services. What betrayal! We have spent years investing our hard earned cash into the convenience of the walled garden, making you the largest company in the “universe “. And this is how you thank us.

You raised the cost of an Apple One individual subscription enough that I have to rethink my purchase of two Starbucks’ small lattes per year!

Do you wanna gripe? Gripe about the 10th generation iPad that makes no financial sense and has no reason existing.  You can go on about that for years without reaching any logical conclusions and scratching your head until you’ve burrowed through your skull.

To wit: They finally place the ‘selfie’ camera in the center of Landscape mode as opposed to Portrait mode. Wonder how large a committee it took to work that out?

But Tim giveth and Tim taketh away. The 10th generation iPad comes with a USB-C port, but only works with Apple Pencil v1, a lightning device! So hey! It’s dongle time again!

It’s brainless decisions such as this which make Michael Dell’s suggestion from two decades ago make perfect sense now. ‘Shut down the company and return the money to the shareholders.’

©2022 Frank Petrie


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