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Jan 1, 2023 | Reviews | 0 comments

I have read articles and watched YouTube videos on creating tech gear kits for scenarios from camping to hiking to air travel and a multitude of others based on situations, hobbies and interests.

Having health issues, I noticed there were no articles based on extended hospital stays. As I write this I find myself in such a scenario. I have everything that I recommended in an earlier article you duly pack off to carry on what you should have in your kit to remain productive while on the mend.

After having to put this into practice, I found I could realistically carry everything in a bag half the size. Almost instantly I ran into a situation so basic I naturally glossed over it. Everything is battery powered. Suppose my charger gives up the ghost? Hadn’t thought of that So, naturally…

I wind up beginning this article researching power banks. The old one lasted roughly a decade so it had a good run. But it decided it time to pack it in. (Ironically, it decided to die in a hospital.)

I knew of the usual suspects but I wanted to see what else was out there as battery technology is advancing in leaps. The charger I purchased was highly recommended in several articles so I went for it. The Mophie Powerstation XXL.

Granted, I could have bought a more portable bank that fit the bill.

bank but there are solid reasons to buy this unit which I will get into as we go along.

source: ZAGG, Inc.

Let’s begin with the ubiquitous unboxing. Inside the box you’ll find the bank, the A/C charging cable and the usual paperwork. (The box itself is up to the current standards set by Apple. Part eye candy, part origami.)

The 20,000 mAh bank has merely three ports; 2 x 12W USB-A and 1 x USB-C 18W PD Fast Charge. But for this scenario, that’s more than enough.

It stores enough power for 4.6 full phone charges. It accomplishes a 50% charge in only 30 minutes. To take the advantage of smart charging I purchased a power charging cord (sold separately).

The bank literally resembles a half thick, velvet brick. It’s minimalist design with both velvet and smooth, matte plastic sides belies the weight of this puppy. The top felt-type fabric is handy as it will not scratch your phone when you lay it down on top of it while changing.

source: ZAGG, Inc.

This model can charge three devices at a time. This suits my purposes fine. As I’m using this primarily to charge my iPhone, one port is fine.

Particularly in this instance. If you have ever tried to balance multiple (expensive) devices in bed while simultaneously trying to be productive sporting IVs you know what a circus act it can be.

The package claims the Power Station XXL can provide up to 4.6 charges with each cycle but my experience has been you can safely round that up to 5 charges per cycle. Like any other multi-port charger, if you charge multiple devices simultaneously, the bank will allocate the power in an equitable fashion.

In my usage I’ve found this power bank to meet any situation I threw at it.

Sorry for posting this after all the sales but no worries. It sells at a very reasonable price and if you subscribe to their newsletter you can deduct another 20% off.

Test Rig:
– macOS 12.3.1
– MacBook Air M1
– 16GB RAM
– iPhone Mini 6
– iPad Mini 6

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