Freshly Squeezed OpEd: Flip-Flop #32

Feb 4, 2021 | OpEd | 0 comments

So, when I last brought you up-to-date on my first-world problem, I was waffling between an iPad-lifestyle and a Mac-lifestyle. Let me bring you up to speed.

Since last we spoke about this lunacy, I made a decision. I purchased an iPadAir 4, 64GB, green. And naturally, an Apple Pencil Deux. As I mainly write reviews and occasionally create short videos (brought to a brake-slamming halt by the pandemic) this seemed to fit the bill.

I had already marshaled a list of the accessories to assemble a productive, yet minimal, set-up to fulfill all of my needs.

Then she appeared. The M1…

I have absolutely no need for it. Which is precisely why I must have it.

I attended the party bidding au revoir to PowerPC. How could I not make an appearance at this major event.

Yes, yes I know. Most people never unleash more than 30% of the power harnessed in their devices. But it’s like owning a Porsche. You keep buffing it sparkling clean though it never leaves your driveway. You caress the lines of its sleek design. Yet you’re never going to peg the speedometer (legally, anyway) but you’re drawn to it.

I’ve spent (arguably wasted) innumerable hours watching YouTube videos of iPad devotees night upon night. They run their entire businesses off an iPad. They produce the very YouTube content I consume on their iPads.

Then the Mac-centrics entered with their M1 Geekbench scores. The thought that this will most likely be the slowest chips of the silicon era does not deter me one iota. I don’t need it at all. Precisely why I must have one.

Now I find myself serving two masters. That places me back at square one. I’ve even done the math. A 16GB with 256 or 512 capacity would do the trick. What kind of trade-in could I get for a three-month old iPadAir 4?

With my current layout, I already possess the basics – a Magic Trackpad, a Magic Keyboard, and a 1TB Samsung T5 housing a previous macOS iteration. As I recall, its name was Catalina. But that was so long ago…

I could purchase a 27” 4K monitor for a reasonable price and complete the layout. I’d be happy. Oh…so…happy.

This weekend I’m virtually attending an Apple UG meeting. Our special guest? One of the YouTube celebrities who convinced me that the iPad was my destiny. And if I was to be rational about all this, he’s correct. He’s proof that it can be done.

But there lies the enigma – which tugs at me stronger? Rationality or happiness? I know which one my bank account exhorts… NAY, DEMANDS!

There you have it. Reality can really suck. But I know that I’ll spend the better part of the day before feverishly trying to concoct the perfect ‘gotcha’ question. All I need is that tiny speck of light to present itself that I can use to rationalize and cement what I well know to be illogical.

As I said. A first-world problem. Particularly for a bonehead.


©2021 Frank Petrie


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