Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Follow-up on Invisible Shield

Feb 25, 2021 | Reviews | 0 comments

It ’s been roughly two weeks since I applied my Invisible Shield from Zagg to my SE 2020. I can honestly say that its promise to reduce the blue light emitting from my screen, thereby straining my eyes, proved excellent.

Seeing as my iPhone is the device I use the most daily, I expected a noticeable difference. And I can honestly report that it far exceeded my expectations!

Even though it came at a substantially higher price than most screen protectors (assumedly for the eye-strain reduction benefits) I felt it was worth it shelling out the extra dosh.

Until this morning.

Initially, I used their accompanying tools and it perfectly centered the screen protector. It aided its application flawlessly.

But after a couple of weeks, I noticed there were still some micro bubbles that stubbornly refused to disappear no matter how often I tried to squeeze them out. Plus I found several specks of dust that remained even though I spent roughly five minutes dabbing the screen with the supplied adhesive sheet.

I don’t know about you but little things like this become more and more noticeable (thus an aggravation) over time. And in this instance, as I’m staring at the screen at least five hours a day, how can I ignore it?

Being constantly confronted with both these irritants, I had to remedy the situation. I became obsessed with their removal. I figured it shouldn’t be an issue to lift the protector, remove the offending specks, and reapply the cover, then lastly work out the micro bubbles.

I was mistaken. Very much mistaken. It soon turned into a Herculean effort that failed faster than the Tiitanic.

Bubbles can be a real pain when applying any protector. And you can seemingly never remove 100% of them. But when I attempted to re-apply the covering, the results were abysmal to be generous.

What started as mere micro bubbles to begin with were now accompanied by festering boils. And the specks held steadfastly in place.

For a protector at this price, this was very disappointing. To be fair … infuriating.

As from any disaster, you learn a thing or two. First, regarding the dust specks. I’d advise you to turn on your screen and make your wallpaper a solid field of vibrant white. Any offending speck will be visually amplified, allowing you to easily locate it for removal.

Second, regarding the bubbles. I am in awe of those who can apply these protectors with eyes closed. They are gods. Nay…ninjas!

So, what have I learned? Zagg’s Invisible Shield’s Glass Elite Visionguard+ does admirably deliver on its promise of reducing eye stain. And I’m completely hopeless at applying these things even with the accompanied tools.

Still, I can’t possibly be the only person on this paltry orb that’s not a master at applying such things. 1) there has to be a better way of applying these and 2) fixing any inevitable issues that should creep up during said application should be easier.

As far as the industry is concerned, I’m sure they would prefer I find someone who is competent at applying protectors. No doubt they would say they’ve done this hundreds of times flawlessly. And I don’t doubt that.

But I have but one shot at it. And in this case, it was a pricey, specialized protector. Now I’m left infuriated and out of some cash.

Live and learn I suppose.

©2021 Frank Petrie


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